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Design Consult

Whole Project Design

We can provide a quick analysis of your project, making suggestions regarding design and providing ideas for renovations, materials, flooring, counters, cabinets, tile accents, paint colors, furniture layouts, etc.

We can work with you and your contractor from start to finish or any duration in between. From drawing up the plans, choosing flooring, tiles, accents, cabinets, counters, paint - we can help throughout the entire process to give you peace of mind and confidence that your home will turn out beautifully.





"We recently purchased a renovation from Katherine and KKIDD Designs. I think renovation, however, GROSSLY misstates the talent, attention to detail, and care that was put into our home. Every single inspector that we had pre-purchase commented about how this was 'how a flip should be done.' Every finish is thought through. Each space you step into feels like the best part of the house (until you walk into the next part of the house, then THAT is your new favorite). When we were on the market, we wanted to make sure that our new home had something special, or the potential to have some 'wow' factor after we got settled. I can safely say that this home had wow factor on day 1. If you get an opportunity to work with KKIDD, or even better, purchase a home that she has created - do it. You will not regret it, the quality is unparalleled."

 ~Michael J. Bailey, Decatur, GA

"I recently used Katherine Kidd and KKIDD Designs to help me navigate all the choices available to me when starting from scratch building a home. I got SO.MUCH.MORE. I was expecting some recommendations on colors and light fixtures. Katherine walked the project with me pre-construction and because of her own experience remodeling homes, she made suggestions to the layout that doubled yes, DOUBLED our kitchen counter and storage space. She made tile selections and reconfigured our bath to fit a tub and make it into a true owner's suite spa."

~J. Gilbert-Ross, Atlanta, GA

"We are recent buyers of one of KKIDD's houses and calling it a "flip" is almost an insult to the hard work KKIDD does. When we first walked into the property we were under contract somewhere else but fell in love so quickly we pulled the offer and aggressively pursued our new home.

From there, literally every contractor and inspector that has set foot in this house has been completely stunned at the craftsmanship, design, and thoughtfulness of the remodel. The work was done the RIGHT way even if it wasn't the most profitable for KKIDD Designs.

KKIDD is more than a flipper, and if you are fortunate enough to use their services or buy one of their properties, you'll be blown away at the quality you are about to receive."

~Matthew Montgomery, Fort Worth, TX



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