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"As a realtor in the Atlanta market, I have seen my fair share of houses. The attention to detail in the renovations Katherine completes is second to none. My clients love her thoughtful touches. From her beautiful pantries and functional mud rooms, to her luxurious shower niches and glamorous light fixtures - nothing is overlooked and there is a "wow-factor" around every turn." She truly focuses on quality and craftsmanship, and it shows in every project she takes on."


~Chrissy Patel, Alpharetta, GA

1539 Coolwater Court Decatur-large-023-8

"The aesthetic aspects of our KKIDD project... colors, textures, craftsmanship, lighting, etc. are stunning, evoking the peaceful elegance of nature that says "home" for us. But the real brilliance of KKIDD Designs is her perspective on flow and placement. We asked for a total house reconfiguration, and feel that for the first time, we live and engage with every square inch of our home, and that will endure for a lifetime."


~Denise Chiavetta, Decatur, GA


"At a time when we are focusing inward and making our homes more livable and a reflection of our current times, I highly recommend KKIDD Designs. Katherine has been wowing customers for years and has a staff of professionals ready to perform. I can speak from personal experience,

to the power of matching your living space with your heart and personality, and I highly recommend Katherine and her team."


~William Behn, Johns Creek, GA

"Katherine was fantastic to work with. She created a completely new layout for my small house and made it feel open and roomy (and the mud room is the envy of all my neighbors). She asked a lot of questions to make sure the house would work for me and my lifestyle. She gave advice about the interior design, but worked with my taste and style to help the house come together. The collaborative spirit she brought to the project gave me a house with a sensible layout that makes the best use of space, but with a design and color scheme that feels like my own. Friends that have seen it (whether pictures or in person) have been wowed - I can't recommend her enough!"


~Diana Martin, Decatur, GA

"When I first walked into the house, I knew it was the one - a true forever home. Katherine's design choices are the perfect blend of both bold and understated. She masterfully combines timeless materials, but is unafraid to play around with fresh elements at the same time!"


~Megan Cayes, Atlanta, GA


"When we first walked into the property we were under contract somewhere else but fell in love so quickly we pulled the offer and aggressively pursued our new home. From there, literally every contractor and inspector that has set foot in this house has been completely stunned at the craftsmanship, design, and thoughtfulness of the remodel. The work was done RIGHT, even if it wasn't the most profitable for KKIDD Designs. Katherine is more than a flipper, and if you are fortunate enough to use their services or buy one of their properties, you'll be blown away at the quality you are about to receive."
~Matthew Montgomery, Fort Worth, TX

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